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About Us:

Leafsoft Co. was found in 1999 by Thomas Yip. Since it inception, Leafsoft has dedicated its effort to the development of XML tools helping developer to build highly dynamic web applications.

Back in 1996, Thomas visioned that HTML-like markup text would be suitable as a data transfer mechanism as well as other data market. He quickly realized that World Wide Web Consortium (w3c) was working on similar idea, which was called XML.

He started the research on XML as his hobby, along with his heavy university work as an undergraduate computer science student. He believed an XML transformation language was needed. More than mere visioning, Thomas started working on an XML transformation framework and focused on ease-to-use and extensible.

Although w3c later working on transformation specification called XSLT, Thomas believed that his framework was a better alternative. After he graduated from University of Victoria in August 1999, he found Leafsoft Co.

There are three main projects currently being developed in Leafsoft Co:

  • Leato, a document fragment declaration language,
  • Larix, a XML transformation framework, and
  • Lebule, a XML editor.
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