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Leafsoft dedicated its development effort on XML tools. There are three products currently being developed in Leafsoft Co.

Leato is Leafsoft's XML fragments declaration language. It is intuitive, compact and extensible. It is a great alternative to XML DTD and it is implemented in Java and it work all SAX Parser in Java.

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Larix is Leafsoft's XML transformation framework. It is implemented in 100% Java. Larix is able transform and combine XML fragments from different sources and output to different destination. Larix focus on extensibility. Transformation functionalities can be easily added to the framework.

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Lebule is Leafsoft's newest development. It is a XML editor implemented in 100% Java. Lebule featuring auto-complete, syntax highlight, type assitance which greatly simplify XML and Larix development work. Lebule read XML DTD or Leafsoft Leato declaration and assit development while he/she type a XML file.

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