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Leafsoft's document fragment declaration language, Leato, was originally designed to describe XML fragments within Leafsoft Larix. Larix raises some specific requirements which current declaration specifications, for example DTD and Schema, do not address. Larix requires document declaration to be intuitive, compact and extensible.


Leato is a very compact, intuitive and extensible document fragment declaration language. It allows declaration of characters in Regular Expression and supports of non-deterministic sub elements. Also, Leato syntax compatible to XML format, thus declaration can be passed to Leato validator using any XML parsers without modification to parser. And, multiple declarations can be stored as or embedded in a single XML document. 


Leato is currently request for comment. Please review the user guide of Leato and email us any comment or fill out our comment form.

Beta version of the product is expected to be released in one or two months time frame. If you are interested to be notified, please subscribe to our free email newsletter, Leaflet.


Leato is implemented in 100% Java. Leato is currently under development and expected to release very soon.


We are considering open source Leato if demand exists. Please email us and tell us what you think.


JavaDoc API of Leato [coming soon!]

User Guide of Leato [request for comment]

Whitepaper [later]